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Potty Training Own Child During Daycare

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  • Potty Training Own Child During Daycare

    Any tips on potty training my own son during daycare hours?
    With my dd, I trained her when I first started after my first family left while I was looking for a new family. My DS3 is being stubborn and tries to shoot others with his penis while sitting on the toilet. (as he making a laser beam sound) <-- try not to laugh.

    Currently, he may be willing to sit on the toilet day and then refuse the next. (he screams when I suggest going potty, so I do not force him, I do offer him his vitamins as a bribe to get him to try in the morning.)

    Should I just focus on training him outside of dc hours?
    Good Bye

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    Here's a thread from our archive that may help: Potty Training My Own DD - Forum


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      I would take a long weekend and do the 3 day method. No other kids, no other distractions!