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How About a 'What was Good Today Thread'? :)

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  • How About a 'What was Good Today Thread'? :)

    I worked till late, late yesterday....did I say late or early morning today in my daycare room and off and on today shampooing, getting rid of MANY things...where does this stuff come from Between our grants recently and the 'way kids are now'; have competed an 'OVERHAUL'. While I'm tired and am aching all over from no sleep and moving and lifting, I feel so good now......Actually ready for daycare Monday and I haven't been READY in a LOOOOOOONGGGGG TIME!

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    So far my Monday is going well! It's only 10AM though so there is still time for it to be a Monday! lol! Kids are happy to be here, everyone is engaged in an activity and both my under 2's are happy and playing! Mondays are usually pretty good around here, it's Tuesdays I struggle idea why but it's just always been that way!
    So I'll take today for what it is and enjoy the calm before the storm (Tuesday).


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      The sun finally came out. We have not seen it since last Thursday. The ground still sloshes when we walk on it, but there is light.


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        Had my morning coffee! but now Time for a Mocha Starbucks frappuccino; caramel is my fave but the store didn't have one! I knew I would need extra caffeine today so I bought only two bottles last night and I'm started my first one. .... On a good note, dh-oldest son-my bro-a couple of friends got the tree moved and all looks well with my central air unit, but they will be coming out to make sure for insurance purposes!