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    DCG newly 2 is potty training. Parents said she did good after 1 weekend of potty training so they asked if she could be in underwear here. Of course i said no. They tried to guilt me into thinking that if she’s wearing a pull up she’ll probably just go in her pull up then and I told her that if a child is truly potty trained that it won’t matter whether they’re wearing a pull-up or not they’re not gonna want to go in a pull up they’re gonna want to use the toilet. So I got them to understand that but they’re having her wear underwear and a pull up over it. Well I have to change that underwear almost immediately because of course she’s not truly potty trained and she has accidents. Children are so distracted at daycare that they might be potty trained at home but here they don’t always remember to go especially when they’re that young. She doesnt even know how to pull her pants up and down so i want to focus on that independent skill first. I’m tired of sending home bags of dirty underwear every day and I think it’s really just pointless and a waste of plastic bags. I originally said that underwear was OK to wear under a pullup, but now that i see shes not as potty trained as her parents made it seem…i dont want to have to change dirty underwear multiple times a day. Especially poopy underwear, thats the worst. How do i word this to her parents?

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    “Hey mom/dad I don’t mind changing out wet undies every once in awhile but since it seems to daily lately, I’d much prefer that Janie not wear the undies and just stick with Pull-ups until she has a better grasp on toilet use here at daycare. I absolutely encourage you guys to continue with the undies at home but since I have multiple kids with varying levels of needed care I think Pull-ups are best here for now. I’ll keep you guys updated as to her progress here of course. Thanks for understanding” (smile big) 😁


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      Honest question: what is with the underwear under pull ups? I mean, if it's to be uncomfortable being wet, I can assume that they can feel if a pull up is wet. At least a truly ready potty training child who is aware of their body can! That whole scenario never contains the mess, it always leaks on to their clothes unless it's caught right away.
      Honestly, I would nix the pull up altogether and require diapers until the child shows all the signs of readiness at daycare. It is possible to be trained at home and not daycare.... but compromising the daycare environment unnecessarily is ludicrous to me.


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        I've had kids wear underwear under pull ups and it has worked well. I've used it mainly for times when the parent is adamant that their child is fully potty trained but I'm not sure the kid can go all day at day care with 0 accidents. I use it mostly for those kids I think can do it; I just want to be sure before allowing them to go diaper free. If a kid can go 2 full weeks with no accidents, he can stop wearing the Pull Ups. The kid who is truly ready won't wet his pants just because the Pull Ups are on and if he isn't ready, I don't spend the day worrying about when an accident is going to happen and cleaning up a puddle of pee when it does.

        If the kid continues to have accidents in his underwear, I'd let the parent know the child isn't ready for underwear at day care. I'd suggest they put him back in diapers or Pull Ups only for day care but to keep working on potty training at home while I do the same at day care. In a few weeks, I'd reassess the kid's progress and if he looks ready at that point, I'd try the underwear under Pull Ups again until he could prove to me that he's fully trained.

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      I told the parents I was just going to have her wesr pullups here without underwear because shes not showing interest here or caring that the underwear is wet. Her mom seemed fine with it. I told mom that we are going to focus on the independent skills required for potty training first, since she doesnt seem to know how to put her pants on herself. The rest will progress later..