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1 Year Old Cries All Day

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  • 1 Year Old Cries All Day

    Week 3 of crying (almost) all day. Naps maybe 15 minutes at a time. Refuses to eat or drink. Screams and cries if we’re inside or outside.

    Had a couple of good days where she cried only during the two hour nap (didn’t matter what we did, just screamed).

    I sent home Thursday for inconsolable crying and screaming for over 2 hours because it was at the point where I was wondering if something was wrong…. Parents just texted saying ‘would you believe dck has been happy joyful self since we got home’..

    I was trying to be patient since this dck was born during a pandemic and has had limited exposure to things, but im reaching my limit. None of the other kids cry (or rarely do). How do I tell them
    They’re on probation? I just can’t think of what they can do at home to help since from that text it sounds like at home he’s a different kid?
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    If it were me, I would respond with something like, "Some kids just don't do well in group care. Let's give it another week or two to see if she (he?) adjusts and then we can decide on the best course of action at that point. Hopefully, she'll settle in by then."


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      I wonder if all these kids are suffering from being COVID kids?
      They were all home during the pandemic and are totally under socialized..


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        Originally posted by Blackcat31 View Post
        I wonder if all these kids are suffering from being COVID kids?
        They we’re all home during the pandemic and are totally under socialized..
        that’s why I’m trying to be patient. This poor kid has had their world expanded so much and it has to get overwhelming. The only thing is I had another one start around the same time and one week older, and that one is adapting. The other one was with grandparents and a cousin, this one was just grandparents. It’s heartbreaking… and also beyond exhausting


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          My youngest DD will be 2 on Friday and she suffered because of the pandemic. She takes awhile to warm up to family/friends, she’s very shy. She also will only nap in her crib. She has only fallen asleep in the car a handful of times

          I would think 3 weeks is plenty of time to adjust though. I had a DCB2 that took 3 weeks to adjust, he was always been taken care of by grandma before me. I say give it one more week and then term and be polite about it like e.j. mentioned.


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            DD is getting better now 🥰

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          Sahm121 How's it going today? Any improvements?

          Im pulling my hair out...
          We are on week 2 with mine that cries all day and it's only part way through the day and I am done.
          I just can't take the crying. She sets everyone else off and that disrupts the entire flow of the day for all of us.
          My other one has blended in so nicely that she has started being a bit mischievous with her new friends so thankfully not all is lost.

          But kid #2 isn't going to be offered a spot after this trial period ends (Friday)
          I will give mom the option of finishing out the week since they did pay for it but after Friday, I will move along to the next one on my waitlist.
          Poor kiddo.... she has never been in care and just isn't willing to stop crying long enough to give it a chance.
          Thank goodness for my ears and everyone else that she attends only 3 days a week so it won't be so terrible to stick out til the end.

          Hoping your day is going better than mine SAHM!!


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            I had to terminate care. It was breaking my heart listening to him cry All day. It was affecting everyone at daycare too and I was so stressed out, I was ready to cry with him:
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          I am sorry to hear you guys are still dealing with crying.

          I had my share of it the last few weeks as newborn #2 started, but they seem to be settling in pretty well, now. Of course newborn #3 was born Friday and should be starting pretty soon (all full-time, open to close, every day), so we will begin again for a bit, then, as everyone re-adjusts their roles. That is the last of my enrollments for the next two years. Fingers crossed it is all calm and orderly again by Fall. I feel for newborn #1, he did not get to be the baby long before he was tossed into middle child territory.


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            It's my turn now. I have a 16-month-old and this is my first true pandemic baby. I have two infants who have actually seen other human beings over the brief course of their lives to date, and a toddler who likewise has been out and about in a small community and gotten to interact with people regularly all his life.

            But the 16-month-old seems to have not had those experiences. We are finishing day six today and some days are better and some days are worse. Today is worse. There are behaviors like stealing food from other plates, trying to take the bottles from the infants, throwing a tantrum when they see me having a snack and expecting me to give it to them, flipping out when I attend to the other children's needs, and nonstop bloodcurdling screaming when I go to use the bathroom or prep the food. This is a child who not only needs constant parental presence to feel secure, but has never had to coexist with another child before, ever.

            *rubs hands together* Time for a crash course in humanity, kiddo. Here we go.


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              to all of you and providers in kids don't cry but very few children in my program know how to co-exist, self-regulate, follow directions, etc....and it began way before covid....these kids want instant gratification with an adult constantly watching them praising their every move; kids can't even nap if they think you aren't there because no one naps at home and they don't go to bed till their parents go to bed therefore everyone is sleeping but NOT resting. I performed a test the other day......I run two fans on opposite sides of the room, a sound machine in the middle of the room and lullaby music out the dvd player on the large TV (I don't have cable out here so ?).....anyway, I put an oreo in my mouth and bit into it and with all that noise going on...the four kids around me rolled over as they sensed that I let them settle and did it again, and they all four rolled around again....they are sleeping but they sense/hear everything around them; if you move around too much they look up and attempt to get up with their eyes closed....does this make sense to anyone? It drives me nuts.....there is NO adaptation to their surroundings, no ability to soothe themselves back to sleep, nothing on their own without an adult dictating their every move.....???
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              • Annalee
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                And some parents are worse than the kids regarding this; I've said many times I don't know how some of these adults put their clothes on every morning???

              • Pestle
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                One of my first daycare families was like that. The parents were just living their lives and the kids had to live in the spaces around them, which meant the kids were always exhausted and starving because the needs of toddlers are radically different from the needs of adults.

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                hugs ya'll! We have a DCB who mom said to us the other day "Oh he goes to bed whenever. I need my sleep so im in bed by 8. His brothers go to bed around midnight and I usually find him on the couch with the tv on in the morning. You wanna hear funny? I found him the other day, climbing my kitchen counter with a knife in hand to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!"

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              Pray on me. Both little infants had checkups yesterday and are fussy today--won't eat or nap. My screamy 16mo absolutely flipped their lid when I went to use the bathroom after lunch and was temporary out of line of sight. It has been an hour of nonstop roaring added to the fussy tired hungry babies. Nobody has slept longer than five minutes at a stretch.

              My ears are ringing and my neck and tummy are tense and we're on day 4 of continuous rain so I can hardly stay awake. This is still way better than when I was working with adults, though.

              Why isn't the lack of daylight making these babies sleepy?! 🤔