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    I received this email last night:
    Do you have any spot open starting on Monday 8/30? I know it is a quick turnaround but I am in urgent need of childcare for my 19 month old daughter. Please let me know. Thank you!

    I usually don't have families who need care so soon, most are two weeks or more out before they need to start. Feel like it doesnt give me much time to really get to know the family.

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    I would not find it out of the ordinary. The last week of August is a pretty common week (leads into the paid labor day holiday) that many providers take as paid vacation. Daycare hoppers like to find any way to get out of paying for their providers vacation time.

    It is also possible their child was injured in care and they are pulling immediately.


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      I get these emails all the time. Most of the time start date is flexible. There is a variety of reasons why they need care at the last minute.

      I had one contact me for temporary care (he just got custody) until his provider had room for his baby, provider had his older kids. We did everything over the phone that weekend and sign papers at drop off. Other than the fact he smoked he was a great client and if things were different I would have kept them.

      Good Bye


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        I don’t find it out of the ordinary. There are so many reasons why they need care quickly.


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          I also don't find it out of the ordinary but I do find it suspect.
          I'd want to know why they are in need so quickly.
          If grandma bailed on being full time provider or if they ditched their last provider or maybe just got a job and they need to start asap....lots of reasons why they might need immediate care on such short notice but I'd want to know the details before I decided to entertain the idea of enrollment or not.


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            I wouldn't care why they need care right away, I'd treat them just as I would any other family asking for care and decide if they're worth taking a chance on, during the interview ...I can always term if they turn out to not be a good fit
            The people I don't even consider, are those leaving messages asking for care, without a shred of good manner (no hello, no thank you, etc)