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  • Weird Message From DCM

    Our newest family has been with us for about 2 months now. Things are going well. Little girl is starting to feel comfortable and is getting more involved in our day. Mom is quiet, and a bit hard to read, but no issues with her. Yesterday she messaged me and asked how her child's day went because "she had a rough afternoon and said *little boy* was crying"
    I wrote back and said she had a fine day and that little boy was just sad because out of town family left. I didn't want to go into detail, but this particular kiddo has family visit once a month or so and is always off the day after they leave (not enough to exclude, just quicker to tears)
    She wrote back and just said "ok thank you"
    At drop off the next day my assistant said "how are you guys doing today?" to be friendly and dcm just said "ok" and dropped her kid off.

    I wouldn't think much of it, but today one of my other kiddo's got sad mid day (no idea why) and I don't want it to be a big deal. They're early 3's... they cry... that's just how kids this age work :P

    Mom wrote payment for September, but wrote it to my business name, not personal name (We are currently having issues setting up a business account) So we gave her the check back and asked her to write it out again. She showed up this morning no check. I didn't realize until after she left that today was September, and she technically shouldn't have been able to drop off (I don't do drop off and pickup, my assistant does) I let mom know it needed to be handed to my assistant tomorrow, but I am getting weird "vibes" from mom lately. I'm almost expecting no show tomorrow and be done... which hasn't happened in probably 10 years!

    Guess we'll find out tomorrow!

    Mom messaged me and said tomorrow would be little one's last day (not surprised)
    She said "let me know how much I owe you for this week and we'll bring it tomorrow"

    Backstory: We will hopefully be moving in the next couple of weeks, and I sent home a notice to all parents for if they would be staying with us or not. I also stated in that notice that if NOT staying, payment after the 10th would be returned (this would be a "two week" notice)
    Question: Do I charge this mom through the 10th, or just for the last two days and deal with it? That's a huge cut in pay from her normal month worth of tuition!
    (I think I may have just answered my own question... I will probably let her know that we need the full payment up until the 10th... it's whether she does it or not :P)
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    If you require a two week notice, then she needs to pay.

    Did anything happen that would cause a change in behavior? If you were curious, I don't think it would be inappropriate to ask why she's leaving.


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      I'm curious on an update!

      Did you tell her she needed to pay through the 10th?


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        Honestly i would have said something along the lines of “someone is always crying, they are kids/toddlers and sometimes have a hard time expressing themselves when they need something , are hungry, tired, someone stole a toy, mad they have to share/stop an activity, needs extra cuddles, the list goes on …” or if i have infants, i say yes babies do cry.


        • ItsAllSonShineAndRainbows
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          They're all 3 or almost 3. Crying is pretty normal! I didn't figure I needed to explain that since she had a kid....:P

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          You would be surprised in the lack of common sense from parents lol

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        Originally posted by Sparkles View Post
        I'm curious on an update!

        Did you tell her she needed to pay through the 10th?
        Nothing exciting :P
        I ended up messaging mom right after writing the original post and just said "Payment will need to be made through the 10th as stated in the paperwork I sent home, she is welcome to attend during that time"
        Mom write back and said " ok I'll bring it tomorrow"

        Next morning mom brought the check and kid, then realized kid was coughing so took her home. Said she would let us know about next week. Mom handled it very well and I appreciate that! I'm ok if she doesn't come next week, but of course they're welcome to.
        We are an in-home preschool and this will be our 4th week of school. We're spending this next week doing evaluations, and I don't really want to bother doing her evaluation if she's not continuing.

        One plus, she said she was "actively potty training" when school started (our requirement, if not fully potty trained.) but come to find out that just means the kid sits on the toilet when she changes her diaper. According to grandma she's never seen her actually go. Yay for no more pullups!


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          Mom came this morning at drop off to pick up her kids things/spare clothes. She also used this time to hand all of the other parents birthday invitations for her kids party later this month. It was really weird... (This kid came 2.5 months by the way...)


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            This is odd…