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  • Make Up Work?

    Let's say a child is gone for 1 or 2 days. Or doesn't attend every day. Do you have them make up the "work" or activities they miss?

    I never have. I'm pretty sure schools in general don't do this, but I also don't have time to backtrack and help 1 child with activities while all the others are on to something new.

    Just curious what you all do. I have a few kids who's preschool notebooks are going to be pretty bare at the end of the year.

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    I work one on one with the kids in my group (they're 3 and under) so they are not all working on the same project at the same time, and so the absent child will catch up when he/she returns, without stalling the rest of the group


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      Unless it’s something really important that they have to learn for kindergarten, I’d just skip it. I am not adding anything else to my already full plate

      My parents know I’m starting preschool Monday and what our day to day schedule looks like. I also go with the flow of the kids. So if they don’t feel like doing any learning, we won’t.


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        I send home all projects on Fridays. I only keep photos of the the projects when complete (taken in group shots before I pack them up for going home) and post them on Friday evenings so the grandparents can see them.

        If a kid misses something, his/her project will be missing from the photo. Their end of year portfolio is a slide show created by Daily Connect of those photos and others of them doing random fun activities throughout the year. It is emailed at the end and parents have access to it at all times if they wish. Nobody seems to pay much attention until the cumulative video on May 27th, the last day of preschool this year. So, even if a kid did not participate much, there would still be an overview of everything that was offered to their kid in return for their tuition.
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          Projects and activities are done at certain times and the same times every day. If the child isnt here, then they miss out. In order for a child to experience my entire preschool program, they will have to come every day.