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This is a Really Odd Case

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  • This is a Really Odd Case

    1-year-old dies after mom forgets to drop her off at day care, leaves her in hot car for nearly 10 hours: cops (

    Mom drops off the other two kids but forgets the youngest?? This story has a lot of odd details.

    Says mom also "went about her daily activities (doesn't mention working) and even went to work out at the gym apparently.
    Also says mom may have switched cars at one point. Story also says there were only two car seats in the car and her older two kids (age 3 and 5) would still need them so where was/is the 3rd one for the baby?

    Mom has not been charged.

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    The baby was found on the floorboard?! How….why?


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      "An autopsy will be conducted to determine the exact cause of death.

      The case could result in charges filed by the sheriff’s office or end up in the hands of a grand jury to determine if a crime was committed, Beall said."

      They suspect.


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        I usually do a hot car death thread, I just can't this year. My health has been making keeping myself from going into a funk hard enough.

        We are at 20 deaths for this year, so far.