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    How does everyone handle summers? I have a family of two that I allowed to go part time this summer. She wanted them to leave completely but I am not readjusting them in the fall after them having no schedule with dad all summer. So then this morning she lets me know that they want to use their 5 free days when they are on vacation this summer. Forgetting that they will be part time, I agreed. I am fully regretting all of these decisions and next summer they will be paying their normal rate. I can't let me business continue to take hits to make other peoples lives easier. I don't mind them being gone like one day a week but I feel I am being taken advantage of at this point.

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    I only have two options, enrolled or not enrolled. Parents will always do what works out best in their favor, you have to do the same. Enforce your policies, consistently. Use your backbone.


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      Summer is no different to me, I don't take SA or PT


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        This year is a first I have one family that's a teacher and they won't be coming during my 2 summer months. She will not be paying during this time but will have a deposit on file.

        I am doing it to lighen my own load a bit, so mabey I can do a few more things with the kids since my own will be home as well and we won't have to be doing virtual school.