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Short Notice for Permanently Closing

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  • Short Notice for Permanently Closing

    I need advice... I have the opportunity to become a home-visit parent educator, but I would need to start in two weeks. Honestly, I'm torn because of the short notice it would give my daycare families. I need opinions on if it too short of notice.

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    Usually you give a 2 week notice. Does your contract have anything?

    Here’s a similar thread from our archives.


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      Is it a firm offer? If it’s a sure thing and it’s something you want, I’d jump on it. Parents always do what is best for them. Always. ALWAYS.
      If it would jeopardize your contracts, I’d negotiate with your future employer for terms that get you over the hump - or maybe you have a backup assistant that could get you through?


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        I personally don't think it's too short of notice. Two weeks is typical.

        I require 2 weeks notice from my dcf if they are ending care, and I would give the same notice if I choose to close. Like Michael mentioned, do you have anything in your contract?

        Also, like PB&J said, dcp will always do what's best for them without giving how it affects you a second thought. You and your family come first.

        And congrats!! That's awesome!


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          If I ever made the choice to leave daycare for any reason, they will do good to get 2 weeks out of me....I will be gone....


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            Always do what's best for you. ALWAYS.


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              Things come up that can be our of our control. Do what is best for you. Even if your contract says uou will give a notice, what can they really do about it?


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                It seems to me that 2 weeks is an excellent period for which you will have time to get used to