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Multiple Home Daycare Licenses

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  • Multiple Home Daycare Licenses

    Hello - This is my first post, so please be kind

    I currently have a license for small home day care in California since last 2 years out of a rental house. Now I am thinking to expand my home day care business by buying a new house and applying for a large day care license to run from this house. We will be maintaining both the houses simultaneously

    questions -
    1. Is it possible to get two home daycare licenses in the name of one person ? If anyone has done it I would love to get their guidance / counsel


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    Welcome to the forum. You’ll find everyone here is very professional and pretty nice.

    As the owner of we handle our database that has over 220,000 childcare facilities. We see multiple licenses under the same name usually dealing different age groups and facilities..

    what state do you reside in? Here is a state by state list of licensing standards:


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      Thanks Michael for your response. I am in California


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        If I recall correctly, you must reside in the home in which you provide care in order to be licensed family care in California. Since you can't reside in two homes at one time I don't believe you are able to get two licenses for two separate locations.

        I think you can do this IF you are licensed as a child care center but I am unsure of the rules and requirements regarding child care centers in California. You would have to check the link Michael provided above or call your local licensing offices.