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    I know this is similar to a topic I saw about younger kids, but thought I'd ask away in a new post. I have 3 year old who is having a tough time right now. Started a few week ago, but then missed almost a week due to sickness. Its his first time in a group setting. I suspect the family was pretty isolated during covid for a while too. The child will randomly start crying throughout the day about missing mom and dad. The child will fall asleep immediately at nap, sleep for 2 hours, and wake up missing mom and dad. He is hard to distract or redirect. Any ideas I can try to help? The child is simply the sweetest and Mom and Dad are amazing at dropping off quickly, etc.

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    I have a new dcg2 starting today whom has never been in child care...but during the interview she was very open/receptive to me so we will see how it goes today as well


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      It sounds like naptime is working the way it should, but you might experiment with a before-lunch nap for this child instead, to see if that helps keep them emotionally level throughout the day. Also offer them snacks more often with an emphasis on protein. That can help with grouchy emotions.


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        Unfortunately I don't have any leeway in the nap time. The parents pack her snack, though I could suggest more protein. She hasn't been really eating her snack no matter what it is. She wasn't eating the school provided lunch either, but has been eating a cold lunch her parents provide. (Parents have the option of doing either way. I'm located in a school building.) They mentioned that she was a picky eater at the very beginning.


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