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Saying ‘not a right fit’ after interview?

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  • Saying ‘not a right fit’ after interview?

    Very sweet family, but looking for a small daycare and very personalized care. I’m running at about 3/4 capacity due to covid and my own reasons (in school full time, kids, etc.). I will be back up to max by mid next year.

    plus. Lots of random red flags for me at the interview. Things that probably wouldn’t bother other providers but they bug me. For example, I asked them to remove shoes and wear a mask prior to the interview. Had to remind them about it again at the door (not a big deal), but then had to ask them to wear a mask and I noticed an eye roll. I don’t care how you feel about wearing a mask normally, but this is my business and I told you it was important to ME. Then toddler wore the WET shoes inside daycare until I reminded them again that they had to be removed. When they left, I went out a minute later to toss the trash and they had unlocked the back gate (there’s 2 gates to get into the play area) and were in the yard. I get wanting to check everything out, but boundaries.

    how do I politely say we’re not a match?

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    Dear DCF

    Thank you for your interest in my program and taking the time to meet with me. Unfortunately at this time, I will not be available to offer services for your family. Good luck in your search and again, thank you for your interest. Have a wonderful day!

    Signed Not the Right Fit

    I’d be vague and leave it at that. If they press you for more, ignore.
    You already gave them a response. You’re not required to explain further.