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    My infant is out with covid, sadly I have been enjoying not having a baby here. Baby tenth day is Saturday. Baby now diagnosed with an ear infection and is taking antibiotics. I would prefer baby stays out longer, especially with the ear infection.

    DCM tested positive before baby. She can work from home. DCD (I don't know his results) is quarantined at home and carrying for baby.

    If he is positive, then he can go back Monday, if he was negative then he starts his 10 days Sunday as long as they follow the rules.

    I want to message him and make sound like it is in the best interest for baby to stay home. (They are on my FMLA and paid a holding fee in advance and are good for another week but if they come Monday, they will owe me the difference) Also I don't do meds.

    Please help me with the wording?

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    I know someone on the forum has a rule that if the child needs medication, they need to stay home. If they bring the baby back sooner, I would explain that if she is fussy or irritable, you’ll call for pick up. Typically for ear infections, medication is given only administered twice a day.


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      I'd say something "friendly" and random like:

      Hey DCM/DCD! Just wanted to check in with you in regards to Baby's return to daycare. Since this time of year is notorious for colds/coughs and flu's I'd like to hold off on Baby's return to care until XXX day. Recovery from COVID, coupled with an ear infection, has got to make the situation tough so I think it would be in Baby's best interest to allow for her to fully recovery from everything before returning to the busy and sometimes over stimulating environment at daycare. This would also allow her to complete her full course of antibiotics as well. Since I do not administer any type of medication (prescription and OTC included) this seems to be the best decision for all. Hoping everyone in your household feels better soon and we can get back to Baby's normal routine here! Have a wonderful weekend and we'll chat soon!


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        Thank you BC, Have a great weekend