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    Have any of you ever had a problem with children in your DC with poor hygiene? If so, how did you handle it? I don’t have anything in my handbook - I literally didn’t think it was necessary.

    I have one parent that was instructed to only give the child a bath a maximum of twice/week when the child was an infant because the child had skin issues. The child is well over 2YO and is constantly breaking out in rashes. The parent still only bathes the child once a week.

    I had one parent tell me yesterday that they were without water for two days. I’m assuming the child didn’t get a bath for two days, but I could be wrong. Something happened to their well. The child didn’t smell at all, thankfully.

    I had another child come in today wreaking of cat urine - it’s giving me a headache it’s so strong. I had to change my shirt because I was afraid that was the problem too. This is a frequent issue with this child. Almost as if the cat has sprayed the clothing of the child.

    I had one mother who was completely shocked that we brush my 2YOs teeth twice a day.

    When my own DD were infants, they were bathed every night and we established a bed time routine very young, probably at 6-9 months. When they started getting teeth, we started brushing them twice a day, without toothpaste until they were old enough. We still follow this same routine.

    These families are all on wells, so its not a matter of being in extreme poverty. It just seems like the parents are too lazy.
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    Ive wanted to but dont know how to go about it without seeming offensive lol. I had a child a few times come with the same clothes they wore the day before…snot and foods stains n all.


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      Oh my! I probably would’ve sent him home. But I’ve never been in that situation so I can’t say I would’ve handled it exactly that way either lol

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    My three year old gets bathed on Tues Thurs Sat and Sun. Same routine I used with my foster kids that were four and under. Now if he gets muddy Mon or we visit the in laws then he gets a bonus bath or wash down including hair.

    My DD is older and takes shower more often but she doesn't always take one on Fri night if we are not going anywhere in the morning and she doesn't have to wash her hair but every other night.

    Both get fresh clothes and underwear both night and day. Even when dd wants pj sat she has to completely change.

    Now my SIL has the kids bathe every night and get dressed for the next day. They don't wear PJ at all. I find that to be gross because I feel that you sweat while you sleep and the clothes are no longer clean, especially the underwear.

    I had a client for about 3 weeks ( one week I was on vacation) that did this, of course they weren't bathing their child they were just changing their child and putting them to bed. The children would come in with the same dirt stains on our legs and new clothes. Then one day she came in and said x didn't want to get dressed last night for bed, laid closed down on my washer. Later my daughter said x is still wearing the clothes he had on yesterday. Then I stopped and looked at what she had put on my washer, she was expecting me to change him. (They would also come in with soaking up Pull-Ups at age two.)


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      Your routine seems pretty regular to me! We may fall off our routine on the weekends if our Friday night or Saturday night get away from us, but the kids are always bathed before bed 6/7 days a week. What your SIL does wouldn’t bother me, but I don’t sweat in my sleep unless I’m sick. Did you term the three week family after that?

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      Yes I officially was the one that wrote the termination notice but that was not the reason I terminating the contract. Trying to drop off 30 minutes before contract time, no show for 3 days when I wouldn't take the kids 30 minutes early, and refusing to pay.

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    I feel ya! We have one child who comes in smelling ok on monday, stink starts tues and wen, and by thrus were bathing him in the sink cause we cant stand it!