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Mandatory Sexual Abuse Curriculum and Family Daycare

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    So if parents want a home environment where kids eat, nap, play, socialize, do more than sit in front of screens….they have to pay for a private nanny (which eliminates socialization completely)??! This is one of the reasons I got out of daycare. Grrrrrr


    • Cat Herder
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      The two hour per day is meant to help those 12 hour programs who have kids there from open to close. The first hour they have to serve breakfast relentlessly as kids arrive straggling and parents demand attention. The last hour, they have to clean toys, mop floors, vacuum, wash linens, wipe nap mats, etc. If they can't gather them on circle rug while they meet their other job responsibilities, those don't get met. These rooms have 22-30 kids with two providers.

      I like to have movies on Fridays with pizza day. That is something I do at home, in my family, with my own kids. Also, part of being a family daycare, IMO.
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      I guess I’m misunderstanding what is happening here then.