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  • Snow on Driveway

    For those of you who have to deal with snow every year, do you make sure that your driveway is cleared for parents to walk by the time you open? Do you make sure snow is cleared by the time they areive to pick up?
    I’m having issues finding a snow removal company that will make sure the snow is removed by 7 AM if it snows throughout the night and or making sure my driveway is clear by 4 PM if it snows throughout the day. I’m wondering if it’s OK that parents just walk in the snow up to my house. My driveway gets full sun so it usually melts some of it by the afternoon. In the morning I could MAYBE create a little path, i have no desire or strength for it though lol. But in the afternoon , i cant go out and shovel when im supposed to be supervising kids. If i hire a company, im sure the snow would be removed at somepoint, but not every parent would benefit from it and there would probably be someone who has to walk in 1-2ft of snow at some point lol.

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    On snow days, I get up earlier and get to daycare much earlier than normal so I can either use the snow blower or shovel (depending) to clear the driveway and sidewalk prior to opening. If there is significant snow fall, my husband will usually drive me to daycare or follow me and he will plow the driveway and shovel the walk ways and apply ice melt.
    By the time I open all the snow is gone and the sidewalk is clear of any snow and ice.

    I understand the difficulties in having to manage this issue whether hiring someone or doing it myself but I am terrified someone will fall or slip or get stuck in the driveway and if I am not mistaken if it's on my property, it's my liability.

    Same with pick up....hubby will come clear snow or I take the kiddos outside and do it myself. If it's a snow fall that is currently happening at the time, I just try my best to keep up and will even text parents to watch their step and be careful.

    I used to have a DCD that was one of the first pick ups at the end of the day and he would always grab the shovel and clear snow for me if need be.

    I don't know .....this is a hard one as we have to be able to safely supervise kids and be responsible for safety issues too but I would also think there is a level of precaution that ALL people that live in snowy areas need to have and use when necessary.

    Is there maybe a high school kid or anything in the neighborhood that you could hire for shoveling paths/sidewalks?


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      Im thinking a path to my door should be good enough until a company could come out? The parents dont NEED to park in my driveway i guess.


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        My driveway is in back, so parents park on the street. My husband gets up early and shovels the sidewalk next to the street and leading to the front door.


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          We plow the driveway if possible. But typically, it keeps snowing throughout the day, so it gets covered again quickly.

          This year, I'm making families park in the street though. In the past, they tend to drive up on new snow, compacting the driveway, making it harder to remove and icy... hence more dangerous to walk on.


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            My husband shovels and salts the sidewalks probably an hour before first arrival and then heads off to work.

            I hired a snow plowing company to plow the driveway, it's about 500 ft long. I've never had any parent complain that it wasn't plowed when they arrived, only my sister that shares the driveway with me and doesn't pay a dime for the plow service.

            Only one person, a potential client, ever got stuck in my driveway and that was when they came for a tour during a snowstorm.
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