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  • Wording For Full Time Opening

    I have one full time opening available. I was going to advertise on my FB page, but I'm trying to come up with wording so that I don't have to take the first person that responds.

    I was going to list my website and say "now currently interviewing for one full-time opening", or something like that. Fill out electronic form on the contact page.

    Any suggestions?
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    I like how you worded it by simply stating “full time opening”.
    If a family only needs 3 days I would still quote your full time rate because the opening is a full time one. Let them choose if they want it or not (if you like the family etc)

    I currently have 2 families that attend part time but pay the full time rate because they needed care and couldn’t find part time that met their needs and I only had a full time space available.

    Works for me.


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      I like keeping it simple listing a full time opening. Be prepared for a percentage of people who will still ask if you have a part time slot. Like BC said some Pt parents are willing to pay Ft rate. If you have a family like that (even if they are a good fit otherwise) you have to ask yourself if it will bother you if they come when they don’t “need” to. If it would I’d say stick to full time only clients.


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        Forgot to add- I always put days/ hours of operations in the add. It cuts down on people who need care you can’t provide.


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          I would substitute "opening" for "infant slot" to avoid getting a bunch of resume's.


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            Originally posted by Cat Herder View Post
            I would substitute "opening" for "infant slot" to avoid getting a bunch of resume's.
            Not to snipe advice here...but, THANK you! I did exactly this very recently, and had to send a very, very awkward email to someone that seemed INCREDIBLY sweet, but had obviously been a bit bamboozled by a posting I'd put up. I've since corrected this, but...whew, awkward.