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  • New DCK & Nap

    I have a DCK (14 months) that started today. At home, DCK is rocked with a bottle and then laid down. I am told eventually that DCK will doze off.

    Today, I did it similar to what the child is used to since DH was home. DCK ate lunch, refused a bottle, but I did rock him until he was ready to lay down - about 20 minutes. What do I do tomorrow? Do I just transition him over to what I do here?

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    Nothing wrong with trying to transition him to what you do IMO. I'd definitely try. You could try to lessen the amount of time you rock him or just go cold turkey and see if he's fine with just being laid down.

    If he takes to it great. If, not then at least he will lay down after being rocked for a while and maybe with some time he'll be okay with just being laid down.


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      I'd start how you intend to go forward. I do not follow routines from home as they do not remotely resemble life in group care. Kids are more resilient than adults, they generally follow the flow of the other kids.


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        Thank you