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  • Saving a Spot

    Do any of you save a spot for pregnant people, or people that have just delivered? I just got asked if I would do that. I don't know if I want to, but how much do you charge?

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    I charge a non refundable holding fee equal to 2 weeks of pay. Does not go toward future care, its just to hold the spot. They must have a start date and will be charged weekly rate at that start date.


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      I should add i only do this for infant openings that are a ways away. For example, my next infant opening isnt until June, so the family that wants the spot is paying the non refundable holding fee. Im not going to charge them for a infant spot that isnt even available yet. If my infant spot was open immediately or within a month, they would have to pay weekly to hold the spot until they need it.

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    I charge full tuition and often have people paying it to hold a slot while still trying to conceive. My last two newborns paid for over a year before attending. It is not uncommon. In reality, it is the only way to get a slot here as my wait list is almost 3 years and I only enroll newborns.
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      I charge my normal rate while holding a spot, because if they don't want to pay I can find someone else that will. I have a DCG right now whose parents are expecting next month and they waited hoping a spot would open up at my center. Luckily it did, but they didn't realize they would have to pay until baby starts in March. They ultimately decided to pay to hold the spot. I also added to my contract that payments made before the start date are non-refundable should them or myself decide not to enroll and can not be used for future payments. I am weary of letting them pay to hold a spot for so long because their first was colic and if this baby is I will not be able to keep it on, which is why I noted it is non-refundable. I let them know up front they are paying as if the child is already attending.


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        I made the mistake, twice, of holding spots without a deposit or payment. I won’t do it again.

        In my area, you have to put down a non-refundable deposit so that’s what I plan to do moving forward.


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          I don't hold spots. I let the family know that they can contact me closer to when they're needing care and see what availability I have at that point.