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    So I have had a daycare full of runny noses this week and last week. I sent two kids home with a slight fever and runny noses last thursday. I have a set of siblings that has been sneezing ALL OVER my house and I just found out last night that DCD tested positive for covid. He picked up monday night very quickly and started showing symptoms yesterday and decided to get tested. I told mom that she had to keep them home until I could talk to the health department. Well, the health department is closed for the holiday . I feel like they should stay home for 10 days following the start of dads symptoms. Even if he is quarantined in the home I don't want to take the chance of the children carrying it into my home and everyone else getting it. Is this too extreme?

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    This is absolutely not too extreme. You have to do what's best for everyone. Most importantly yourself!


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      It's not extreme and based on what I just went through here in October, your dcb may actually have to stay out longer than 10 days. I had a dcm who tested positive. Her 3 year old had no symptoms and tested negative but because he was exposed to her throughout her quarantine time, his own quarantine started only after hers ended. Since we did have a positive case, I also had to ask that the other kids in the day care be tested in order for them to return to care. If the kids do get tested and are found to be positive, they may be able to return sooner, though. I think it's based on when their own symptoms began. That same dc family I mentioned also have a 17mo old who did get sick and did test positive. He was cleared to come back 10 days after onset of symptoms.
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        The CDC decision tree for child care says a person in close contact with a postive person should quarentine for 7-14 days (they recommend 14). So jsut tell them that according to the CDC and licensing recommendations, they cant return to daycare for 14 days.


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          Weve been there! Our center made the parent, and all her children quarentine for 14 days and then the children had to provide a negitive covid test to return.


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            Thank you everyone! I was able to find some info on the CDC website and it said 14 days. I also contacted my local health department this morning and they confirmed what I found. The mom was surprisingly understanding! These are some crazy times we are in. This is the closed covid has come to my home so I was not sure on the protocols, but this was a good refresher and I think I will print off some info for my parents so they know what to expect if it happens to them. Or me.