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    We have had a newish parent constantly putting their 1 year old in full leg snap clothing. He gives us a hard time during diaper changes and then add 3 snaps on a onesies plus 12 leg snaps (that you know we can never button up properly the 1st time and always have to do it more than once), What is a nice way to tell parents that we cannot accept that type of clothing anymore?

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    Welcome to the forum. Do you have a clothing policy in your parent handbook? Maybe you could add that. Here is another channel on clothing policy:


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      We looked over our policy and don't have anything that explicitly states no snap up clothes. I did look through the post above however, it was not quite right for what I am looking for but thank you!

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    All of my clients do this, too.

    I just change them into my own infant gowns or zipper pajamas upon arrival and put their own clothing back on for going home.

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      I just dont do all the snaps. Just enough to keep the clothes in place. The diaper change right before they go home, i do all the snaps.


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        If I have a parent who gets offended or questions why I change their clothing, I always point out that my fingers are 20+ years older than theirs and ask them to cut me some slack. I make it about doing me a favor and with humor. Sometimes they start bringing them in better choices, sometimes they just stop complaining about their child always being in photos in my clothing instead of the cutesy stuff they pick out.

        Either way, it works for me.