My newest DCM is expecting come 2021. I do not remember the date but it falls Jan/Feb time frame. DCB is just about to age up, leaving an infant opening. I am getting calls for infants currently and have a waiting list.

I need to get them locked into a contract for the baby to be. I don't have any template for this situation and truly have never successfully added a sibling. Something always happens from DCM becoming a stay-at-home mom to me having a baby to terming. So this will be my first, maybe...

I have an FMLA policy that allows them to continue bringing DCB, paying a holding fee, or leaving (waiting list). I am emailing them a letter asking them to choose what they want to do. If they choose the waitlist then I am going to start replacing them.

But if they choose one of the other 2, then I need to explain that they need to hold the baby to be the spot.

When is the best time to start charging the holding fee?

What is your soon-to-be holding fee policy?