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So What Are You Smarter About Now?

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  • So What Are You Smarter About Now?

    A post by a new member got me wondering: if you started all over again in childcare, what are you so much smarter about now than you were before?
    This question has come up over the years, but now that we’ve been through a pandemic, seen so many regs change, have new members, etc, I’m curious about current responses.
    I’m smarter about parents’ “loyalty and admiration” ….

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    Business management.

    Daycare is not a charity.

    Having children is their choice and their responsibility.

    Having children is not mandatory.
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    • PB&J
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      People really need to understand “having children is not necessary”. So many people do it to check a box.
      Corollary question: if this understanding takes hold…do you think society or public policy would become more selfish or short-sighted in any way? I know I view the world differently than before I had children in it.

    • Cat Herder
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      I think my bigger issue is the females who have kids because they don't know what they want to do or they want to make it someone elses job to take care of them. I know many women who got pregnant to get out of their parents home, get free housing and child support from multiple men to support them. That is the culture I want to see die. It isn't a race issue, it is a "being paid to breed" thing and it is out of control in the rural south. The women I know doing this are my race, culture and ethnicity. It is the new "mistress" culture. Only now the government is your "sugar daddy".
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    • PB&J
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      I didn’t realize that was getting MORE prevalent. The clientele at my place were almost exclusively dual-income high earners and toooooo often they just had kids because it was on the list…and it showed and it was very sad. This was from both men and women. But they were not looking for a handout or physically neglecting the kids. But I have heard (now that you’ve made me think about it) exactly what you’re saying from others in the field. Women out to “trap the government” instead of “trapping” a man (as our grandmas used to say). Seems the government is easier to fool.

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    I’ve learned to say NO and to stand up for myself.

    I’ve grown a backbone.


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      Policies. Really got to keep ahead of all of the BS that comes your way, including things you never even fathomed.

      Taking more time for myself. For the first time since I opened, I took a little bit more time off this year but I should've taken more. I'm working on next year's closings and I'm taking quite a lot more time off for myself. I'm just done. I've paid my dues and no more. The parents can find someone else to share in the job of taking care of their kids or watch them their self. I love what I do but regardless it's a lot.


      • Blackcat31
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        When I first started I had basic policies in a thin handbook. Then my policy handbook grew as I encountered more issues etc. It covered literally EVERYTHING. Was color coded, broken down into chapters and required a table of contents.

        Now, the last few new families I’ve enrolled haven’t gotten a copy at all. Just the one page payment contract.

        I find at this stage in my career that it’s less stress and so much simpler to just address issues directly to a client face to face. “Jane, please don’t let Billy bring toys from home. It creates an issue here. Thanks”

        I’ve noticed being firm and clear is the ticket.

        Parents find it easier to disregard written rules but harder to break rules that were addressed directly to them.
        So for me (like toys/activities) less is more.

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      Do what is best for you and your family. If DCPs don’t like it- oh well.


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        Parenting is a verb.

        Teething.......OMFG. stop using this as an excuse!!!

        You're child really isn't that special.




        • GirlMomma
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          All of these made me laugh! 😂

          I had a parent recently tell me that the rash his child broke out in was from teething. I smiled and said, “okay get me a doctors note stating it’s not HFM and your child can return with the rash tomorrow.” The child didn’t return until the rash was gone 🙃

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        I've learned to just do it like I want to because clients will come and go with no regard to these rules any way...if a client wants your services they will do what it takes to make it work so stick to your rules and what is important to YOU!