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    I always buy presents for my kiddos and their siblings if I’ve had them for drop-in care within the year. I spend about $10-$15/child. I don’t do anything for the parents, but the DCK and I decorate cookies the week of Christmas and they go home with them.

    I am having a tough time this year trying to decide if I want to do an Oriental Trading order for personalized stuffed animals and a book for all of them or if I want to get something special to each child. I’ve even considered Play-Dough toys, but I’m afraid parents won’t let their children play with those.

    What are some of you doing for Christmas this year?
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    Last year I got all (but one) the kids one of these artwork frames. Use coupon code 25free

    This year I am getting the new kids the frames and the old kids' something else. I send home gifts so no one knows what I got the other kid or that they did not get the same thing.

    If the books arrive, they will all get a book too. I have nothing for the infant yet.

    I have considered getting a book and toy from Kohls care collection.


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      I love those frames!

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      Thanks, I have a set for my kids. One of the kids wanted me to put his art in them, that is what gave me the idea to get them for the kids.

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    I always buy each child a new book, a Christmas book.


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      I usually get them a gift that requires the parent to engage with them. With my clients, parental engagement, one on one, is what the child needs, not another toy, generally.


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      I do a book for most part, I get the dollar books from scholastics. Last year they were late so I gave them too late.

      One year for Halloween, each parent told me what they were going to dress the child as for Halloween, they just randomly told me. I took note of what they were and I looked for a book about the costume kind of. One child was going to be a skunk another was a dragon and another was Paul Bunyan. So they each got a book for Halloween.

      Another time I attempted to find books with the child's name in it. I was unsuccessful, unless I had one created especially for them.
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        I will repost since I never seem to see when comments get updated in the comment area. I will try to remember to add here instead of there from now on.

        " Can you list some ideas of what you get a child then?"


        1. Sugar cookie dough in tub, small rolling pins, sprinkles, cookie cutters and a copy of "Christmas cookie day" by Tara Knudson -

        2. Wooden bird house, acrylic paint set, art smock and a copy of The Birds of Bethlehem by Tomie dePaola -

        3. Small plastic sled and a copy of Ten on the Sled by Kim Norman - &

        Stuff like that. Experiences.

        Oh, and the wooden, magnetic, train sets and family tickets to our local train museum was a huge hit last year.

        This site lists the museums in every state for inspiration.


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          I love these ideas!!

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        Everyone is getting the same book this year. Amazon was having a buy 2 get one free deal so it worked out great lol