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    A little back story. Family we were planning on terming at the end of the year, but were "secretly" hoping would choose to leave on their own when we move at the end of this month. Amen and amen, they chose to leave.... which is great because I hate terming
    Families last day will be Nov. 30th. Another family informed me today that the mom texted her this morning that "Just a heads up, Tuesday will be our last day" and said "maybe we could have a play date" The only reason this mom had the other moms number is from when she started over a year ago and asked for references. She overstepped her boundaries at that time and started texting the other mom to "chat" so the other mom just stopped responding.
    Do you think Mom1 overstepped by texting another family (that they are NOT friends with, and it definitely made Mom2 uncomfortable) to let them know she would be leaving?
    Mom1 is awkward and nosey. She constantly "reminds" me how to do my job, and has to be "reminded" of our procedures/rules regularly. Not even a month ago her kid was running to hug mom2's kid at drop off (we have sent out several reminders about not letting kids run around at drop off, nobody else has a problem with it... but I digress) and mom1 said to Kid1 "don't hug him, we don't need those germs" Kid2 had a little leftover runny nose from when KID1 got him sick... which happened more than once...
    Two more days, two more days, two more days...

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    I dunno; I try to stay out of most parental interactions as they have nothing to do with me.

    I really don’t think it’s overstepping at all as this is how alot of “mom friendships” are formed
    (meeting through day care or school activities etc…)

    If either mom has an issue with the other I think it’s their issue to address.

    Happy to hear your problematic family is leaving on their own


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      I would agree, but they're not "friends" She's a stalker I don't plan on addressing it at all. Mom2 just plans on ignoring future texts. I just thought it was weird... I don't be giving out phone numbers of other parents for referrals anymore :P
      I honestly probably wouldn't have thought it was weird from any other parents... This one is just bonkos. Two more days!


      • Blackcat31
        Blackcat31 commented
        Editing a comment
        Yes some parents can definitely take things over board! ....
        I usually ask parents (current and past) to write up a quick statement about my program that I can use to share with prospective clients as a reference. I also have parent testimonials posted on my website so anyone can read them.
        I don't give out contact info of other parents for any reason. The parent can give it out but I wont ask and wont provide it to others.

        If I were the parent being "stalked" I would either ignore all incoming texts from crazy parent or I would politely respond with something in regards to having no interest in play groups but thanks for the offer.

        Hoping the last two days goes fast!!