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  • Putting Coat On

    What age should a child be able to put his coat or sweatshirt on himself? And any tips on how to teach. DCB who will be 5 next month cannot figure it out and no matter how much i show him, he either doesn’t remeber or can’t comprehend.

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    … I have 2YO at least trying it.

    Have you had him put it down in front of him, hood at his feet, put his arms in and flip it over his head?


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      Yep, not working.

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    My 2 years old's and up do it. I lay the coats on the floor in a line, the kids run over and lay down, push arms through, up and down, snow angel style, then stand up laughing.

    As they get older, they do it however they chose to. Peer pressure works great for updating skills.
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      I put their hood on their head and they put their arms in the sleeves. When they get older they put the hood on by themselves and then put their arms in.

      I start doing this with them when they're about two.

      But I just had a DCB that left this summer just before his fourth birthday, that could not comprehend it. Another DCB was taught the way girl mama said with the hood between the legs. And he couldn't comprehend that either. I have posts on the other board pleading for help with him. He literally couldn't put his pants on by himself. Even after he was potty trained. Every Monday with a struggle.


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        My son at 18 months was taking his pajamas off at night and putting them back on inside out or backwards before he fell asleep at night. Because he was stripping himself at night we started putting sleepers on backwards. He would take those off too. Sometimes he still will ask for his sleeper to be put on backwards, it's hilarious. (Currently he is three and a half)


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          The closest he gets to putting his coat on, is it being on upside down. The fact that he doesnt see/feel anything wrong with this is concerning…the hood should be on your head, not your butt


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            Lol my DCB would put his coat on upside down, it was really rare if he didn't