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    What happened today that was funny?

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    There is a construction crew working next door. While we were outside one of the workers sneezed loudly and continued working. DCK 4yr ran to the fence and shouted "You need to blow your nose and wash your hands mister!!"


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      My Ds decided today that he did not want his friends to visit today and tried to lock DCM out.


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        Kids, there is no doubt how they feel. lol!

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      My whole group today is 4’s and 5’s, who have been with me since they were infants and toddlers. They operate like siblings....inseparable, but arguing. Nonstop arguing.

      While making lunch, I had to stop and intervene multiple times, so I finally told them to pick up and each take a book to the ABC rug (our default landing pad). When they started arguing over spots on the rug, I assigned them each a letter to sit on, thinking there would finally not be anything left to argue about. Then I heard:

      “Dcg, you’re 2 spots away from me.”
      “No, I’m NOT!! I’m 3 spots away!!”


      I put this in the funny thread because if I don’t laugh about it, I’ll cry. 🤪


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        Today’s lunch discussion:

        4-year-old: When we had the storm yesterday, the power went out.

        Me: It rained hard here, plus it hailed. I’ll show you a picture of a big hailstone I picked up.

        4-year-old: Was it cold?

        Me: Yes, hail is made of ice.

        5-year-old: Okay, I’m trying to remember.....what’s that BAD place called?


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        Here is a "teething" funny....

        Two of my DCG's are playing dolls together. One is 3.5 and the other is a new 3.
        The older one is a bit bossy. The younger one doesn't take it really well.
        They start squabbling. I tell them to work it out or they will have to put the dolls away.
        The younger one starts having a melt down. I ask her what the issue is.
        She promptly replies "I don't know. Maybe my teeth hurt"


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          Apparently I've had a couple marriages take place within my daycare over the past few days....I was enlightened to this by some parents this morning.....must have happened under my radar!


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            My own son who's turning three in a few days, goes around telling the almost 2-year-old, I love you. He gives her a hug and kiss every time she cries even when he's the one that you make her cry. The other day he struggled and struggled to take a pan away from her, she cried he hugged kissed her and give it back and then told her I love you.

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          A huge pileated woodpecker flew just feet over my head on the playground. I quickly snapped a couple shots and tried to look at them hoping they turned out. Nope. I hit something and got pics of my forehead instead. Ugh, I miss digital cameras.


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            So DCM messaged, keeping dcb and dcg home because they are sick. DD8 asked if they were coming today. She then says that she is glad, not that they are sick but that they are not coming because they are annoying. lol


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              Girl 1: Let’s play Parent Trap! I’m Hallie!

              Girl 2: I’m the other girl.

              Girl 1: Annie.

              Girl 2: Ok, I’m Annie!

              Boy 1: I’m the triceratops!

              Boy 2: I’m gonna be the butler!! What IS a butler?

              Me: Some very rich people have a butler. That person answers the door, answers phone calls, things like that, so the people who live there don’t have to.

              Boy 3: AND he robs banks!!

              Me: ?...........Oh, that’s a BURGLAR!


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                The biscuit maker at our favorite breakfast hole in the wall retired today. The whole town is in mourning, she may have to move to get some peace. Enjoy your summer, Mrs. Ruth.


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                  DS3 has been in a mood and has been telling the dck to go home. DCG4 says, ds just told me to go home.

                  At the end of the day tonight, the last pick-up and DS had changed his tune. He would not let dcm in, I had to hold him back so she could open the door. Then he keeps saying "I want to keep DCG2" After a few seconds, I got him to give her a hug and say goodbye. But he keep asking dcg to stay. She of course was ready to go home with DCM. But dcm loved that he did not want her to go.


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                    Dcb I am not going to jail.

                    Hmm why would he say that??


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                      Me hand out of pants
                      Dcb I had to adjust my penis
                      Dcb why do I have to adjust it?
                      Me You should ask your dad that question
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                        PSA from one of the local grey hairs: "Storm season is here, folks. If a news van pulls into your driveway, please remember teeth and bra's, people. Teeth and Bra's."