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    DCM came in today and asked to change her contract drop-off time because she no longer has to go in early and she would rather spend extra 30 minutes with dcg.


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      I had a DCP tell me last night (after trying to figure out if the older sibling will be attending the first week of break when I’m open) “You are the best, I am so glad you get to take time off. You rarely do.”

      It meant alot to me since I really do keep my time off to an absolute minimum so I don’t inconvenience my families.


      • livinglife
        livinglife commented
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        That's lovely. The same has happened to me. A DCP and DCGma have expressed happiness for me that I'm taking a longer break this year before the new year. I have never closed this early before. It feels nice when families acknowledge the time and commitment you put in, many times going above and beyond.

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      Monday was the last day I had a full house

      I have one family having a baby tomorrow, another going on vacation and another family taking precautions and keeping DCK home since the SA sibling is sick (yes, they’re my favorite family! )

      Next week, I will only have 4 all week! After Friday, I am not allowing ANY changes to anyone’s schedule.


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        Boy have I earned it these last two weeks! I closed the last week of the year this year because the kids drove me crazy last year being all out of sorts with the holidays… but this year, it’s the parents!


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          With DD having pink eye (which has since cleared up! ) I had an unexpected day off yesterday. Both of my scheduled families decided not to risk the pink eye and kept their kids home.


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            Hubby bought me a $5 scratch lotto ticket today…
            Won $500!!! Nice way to close out the year!


            • e.j.
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              Congratulations! That really is a great way to close out the year!

            • Cat Herder
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              Nice!! That is awesome

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            I am planning my training for the year and am so happy to see some new titles out this year. I only need 10, but registered for 23, so far. I am kind of a training geek, though. It does crack me up how they like to rename old techniques, change some terminology and call it "New".

            Fingers crossed I actually learn something new and useful.


            • PB&J
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              Do you consider yourself an optimist?

            • Annalee
              Annalee commented
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              Sometimes it isn't just renamed but goes in a circle of what is the correct/wrong way to do something.....I've been here 30 years now and the rules are this way for a while, then that way for a while..... LOL

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            I am working a half day today. My appointment went quicker than I anticipated so I had almost an hour and a half without kids!

            I got a big pot of chili simmering in the crockpot for dinner, my upstairs is cleaned and since I’m working a half day, the kids will be eating/napping for a lot of that time.


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              DH brought me a choc chip cookie dough blast....yummy!