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  • Aging Out Weirdness?

    Do any of you have children age out and the parents are weird about it?

    Yesterday I had a DCM ask if I had any spots available. I said, “No, I’m sorry DCM. I won’t have anything available until your DCK ages out next August and goes to Kindergarten.”

    She just kind of looked at me puzzled. Was it something I said? Or was it the realization that the child will be in school next year? LOL they’re not even in my school district and the child turns 5 in July; just in time for school!

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    Was she maybe asking about possible openings because she's is having another child?

    I've had parents be all sorts of weird when their kid/family ages out/up of my program. Some take it well, some have daily meltdowns, some have been gracious and thankful, some have tried to stay in touch afterwards and some don't even acknowledge it at all. I'm not sure which parent I prefer.


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      Yep. All of them. I have to push them out, usually. Some leave mad because they wanted control of the when, no matter how hard I have worked for the previous 4-5 years.

      Most don't have a plan for next month and see their child as the most important in your care, so when they realize we are already planning for the incoming group in 2025 they feel discarded. It isn't personal, it is business. Business that is sometimes way too personal.


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        Yes, I've had weird encounters when kids age out!

        I had one dcm last year who made a big deal and thought I should have been crying my eyes out over the fact that her child was leaving my care. I had another one who told me that when dcg starts KG, she's going to drop her down to just one day a week. I obviously told her no, and that I don't take SA. I had a current dcm ask me that if at a certain age, the dck don't count in my numbers. She was wanting after school care for free or cheap for her dcb who starts KG next year. She didn't even think to ask if I accept SA.

        Maybe this dcm is like the ones I've had and thinks that she should be able to TELL you what you're doing with her SA? Maybe that's why she was caught off guard when she found out that she will not have a say when he leaves your care.

        Who knows. People are weird.


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          She was asking for a friend’s 2YO and infant, which she knows I don’t take newborns. She would lose her mind if I told her that her child’s spot is already filled and my next opening is August 2023 when my next kid ages out 😂😂😂😂

          I think every parents tries to TELL their providers what they’re doing, so I really wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what some try to do.


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            Absolutely a business!!!! Got one aging out in May but are planning to home school....happy someone started this thread as I was planning to talk with them about their plans....he can't stay here forever??


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              I have one turning one in February. I would love to age her out, along with her older brother. Lol I took them when enrollment was low and after 2.5 years I have had it with him.

              I am been thinking about the best way to tell them good bye. He turns nine just before I go on vacation in August and I don't reopen until school has started. So I was thinking that would be the best time.

              I can't afford to school age kids and with Covid they have had to drive him to school on days he isn't here, so they have gotten into a routine for that and the school has after school care.

              My DD has one more year in elementary and then ds starts kindergarten the following year.
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                Originally posted by Alwaysgreener View Post
                I am been thinking about the best way to tell them good bye. He turns nine just before I go on vacation in August and I don't reopen until school has started. So I was thinking that would be the best time.
                I age them out at 6. At that age/size they have outgrown all my play equipment, playground and curriculum. It is in their best interests to go somewhere else where they can be active (big spaces, big equipment) and engaged.


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                  Oh, some I age out at 4 because the child needs more attention or socialization than I can give. If I have five kids birth-two and only one turning 4, I tend to push them to Pre-K since it is free here, anyway. If I know they won't get the attention they need, I move them on. I try to enroll age mates for everyone, but sometimes younger siblings come along unexpectedly and shake things up, here.

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                  He is small for his age (8.5), wears a 7 at best. She is bigger for almost 5, she wears at least size 6. She is growing out of equipment now that he grew out of earlier this year. Most likely they weigh really close to the same size. (she is not overweight, she is just a bigger bone type) - So maybe I can just say that they both outgrew the play equipment. Either way, they both need to go.