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  • Needing Some Ideas Please

    I have a 2 .5 yr old boy in my care. He has been with me a 4 months. He's a sweet boy but he doesn't listen well at all. He will for a bit then goes right back to what he is t suppose to do.
    He loves playing with the kids but has a hard time staying staying focused on playing playing with something he would rather annoy the other kids. I have tried many things, engaging in the activities, sitting with him and reading but he is just a very hyper, needing to constantly be moving. I have thought ADHD but he really doesn't display those symptoms other than this. I think alit has to do with his sleep. He doesn't sleep well at night and doesn't nap well here. They have seen Dr and they said they are already doing everything they can and hope he outgrows it. I personally would give him two naps here because when he first started he did way better with more sleep but now he will throw a fit to the point of possibly hurting himself if I put him in a room for nap even with other kids. Any ideas of how to help him work through this? I know many may say get rid of him but I don't feel that is an option at least yet because I am a small daycare and feel he would have more difficulty elsewhere. Thanks

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    Do your kids all nap in one room, supervised?


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      Some nap in a room that is attached to main ro ok m, door is left ajar but he throws a fit. We had to result to him resting in the room where the kids don't take a nap. He does fall asleep but his nighttime is all messed up. He wakes during night and is up at 4:45 am.