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Silliest Thing That a DCF Has Said to You?

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  • Silliest Thing That a DCF Has Said to You?

    I think yesterday was the one that threw me for a loop and I almost laughed. I called for pick up because 2 dcb threw up. DCM comes and asks ‘are you sure he puked? He looks fine’. I had changed clothes because I was puked on and had to use a washcloth to remove vomit from his hair…. I just stared at her and said ‘yes’. But omg. What’s worse is I dont think she realized at all how dumb That question was 😂

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    I once had a DCK break out in a rash on the face out of nowhere. I called for pick up. DCD literally said “It’s because DCK is teething.” I said, “Okay, bring me a doctors note tomorrow stating it’s from teething and I’ll consider letting DCK return.” Turned out to be an allergic reaction to dairy that an older sibling had snuck and given to the DCK at home.

    I had another DCM ask me if I needed a doctors note after DCK appointment. I asked why? She explained “DCK is getting a flu shot so just incase DCK spikes a fever.” I told replied, “DCM if DCK gets a fever, I’m sending DCK home.”

    I could go on for days with this one


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      The silliest things I've had DC parents say;

      Response to text that child had puked/spiked a fever or had diarrhea: "Do I need to pick up?" (No, Im just telling you because I have nothing better to do)

      Response to notice/memo addressed to 'All families'; "Does this mean me too?" (Sorry but you're not "special")

      Response to ANY mention of negative behavior during the day "They don't do that at home" (What does that have to do with their behavior HERE?)

      Best response ever.... when asking for something outside of regular services and quoted a fee "Oh, you charge for that?" (Yeah, cuz I love working extra for free!)


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        My best comments came from the same dcm. When I charged her for being late, she said "This can not happen again". A couple of months later when I termed her, she said "I am very disappointed in you".

        I recently got --- "Here is your paycheck" and We can't talk tomorrow at pick up because dcg has an appointment. - I walked away thinking that's fine with me. Now I meet him at the and hand dcg out, unfortunately, he stands in the way and talks so I can not shut the screen door.


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          We gave parents one vacation week tuition-free each year. For all other vacation time, they had to pay. One year, a long term mom (multiple kids, attended for YEARS) asked if she could redeem her vacation week for the last week of her enrollment before moving to a new daycare. She was switching due to huge changes we were making and was leaving on very good terms, so we agreed. That last Friday, as I was telling her goodbye and good luck, she said “No, we still have another week here!” I told her that I must have misunderstood, but we will have room so it will work out and that I guess I’ll be getting that last fee after all. She said “No, that’s my tuition-free week!”
          when I said “DCM, you know that tuition-free vacation week means you take your kid OUT on vacation. Same rule for the last eight years that you’ve been here…” the lightbulb went on! She at least realized what she did. Then said, “now I have to figure something out for next week!” I offered to keep the child, but I think she was too embarrassed!
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            Dcb had been on vacation for most of the week. A couple of days after returning to daycare, he spiked a fever. I texted dcm to let her know. Her response: “I wonder if he’s just tired from vacation.” 😒


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              DCM let me know that DCG doesn't like to eat breakfast in the morning and they would like to avoid the battle, so would I please prepare a full breakfast and serve it to their child at snacktime.

              My second-worst client in the five years I've been open arrived for drop off on a morning that they had been notified I would be closed. When I turned them away, they texted me saying that they needed a refund because they forgot I was closed, and I was so confused that I sent it to them before I realized what was going on.