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    I would keep my expectations for following my payment policy separate from my desire to have a friendly relationship with my clients.

    I had a client where this happened. He suddenly stopped greeting me, stopped lingering in the morning to watch his child play, stopped smiling.

    Turned out his wife's immigration status was in a SNAFU.

    Even if your client is sulking because he's mad at you, it's not your responsibility to force him to be cheerful or chatty. Hold to your policies. If his problem is your policies, that will show up soon enough. A second missed payment should answer that question for you.

    And if you're wrong and he is upset about some thing else, he doesn't need to be forced to bring it up before he's ready to share it. Or it may be something that never needs to be shared with you.
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      I get that people don't need to share personal things with me however if it is something something to do with me they should pull their child if they don't like something about me or my policies.. Why should he walk around and be rude like that he should find aomewhere he thinks is a better fit in my opinion.


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        It is Christmas week. Most parents are close to, or at, their breaking point.

        Now is a time for grace.

        IMHO, of course.


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          I have 3 DCM's that work in child protective services. They have all commented on the extremely high rate of calls for abuse etc during this time of year. :-(

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        Originally posted by TenderHearts View Post
        I just do t know if texting would be OK because I do t think I shod discuss something like this in front of their daughter.
        Personally, I would avoid texting since it can be so difficult to interpret the tone of a text message and I think you may want to tread lightly. As uncomfortable as it can be, I prefer face to face if possible and if not, I'd ask if I could call them later when they're home and all of the day care kids have gone home. They can at least hear your tone and know you're not attacking them or angry. (Assuming you're more mystified about the change in their demeanor than you are angry.)


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          “How have you been Mr***? you haven’t seemed like yourself lately”


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            I noticed a parent stopped being so chatty with me, usually he would make funny comments or have a big smile on his face. For a couple weeks it stopped. I found out they were pulling their child out. Not in a bad way, i just didnt have an infant opening in the future when they wanted and found new care that did (or at least thats what they said). I think his personality changed because he had “a secret” and/or he knew he was leaving and felt awkward seeing me now. Almost every parent that wants to change childcare for their child and knows in advance, get weird before they finally say something.