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    I’m 99% sure my DD2 has somehow contracted pink eye. I have applied ointment to her eye and she seems to be leaving it alone.

    Would you close for this? I have two kids the rest of the week and DD. I exclude DCK for pink eye.

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    So couple years ago 2019 my own son as I was nursing him coughed up my eye and I ended up with pink eye.

    I was able to schedule a virtual appointment during that time and got diagnosed with pink eye. I also stayed open the entire time.

    Is it possible for you to get her a virtual appointment?

    If my daughter, school age got pink eye I would keep her home and not close because although it is contagious she's old enough to know what to do.

    If my 3-year-old son got pink eye, I would close because he's too young and shorter. And our friends could easily touch his eye.


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      We have ointment (it’s not expired) for pink eye from a previous time she got it. Our pediatrician doesn’t do virtual appointments, but I’m sure I could take her to a local clinic if needed.

      DD is 2 so of course she’s messing with it.


      • Alwaysgreener
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        Check your local clinic's website, my local clinic does virtual visit.

      • Blackcat31
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        If you have an optometrist, they will see you or consult with you about pink eye. Optometrists can prescribe controlled medications for eye conditions if necessary and they are usually much easier and quicker to get into.

      • GirlMomma
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        Alwaysgreener Thank you!

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      Most schools and daycares do not exclude children for pink eye any more.

      Here is the fact sheet my department of health provides for us:

      "Exclusion: Childcare and School: No exclusion, unless the child has a fever or is not healthy enough to participate in routine activities. Antibiotics or a note from a health care provider are not required. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends considering conjunctivitis like the common cold – both diseases are easily spread among children and both resolve without treatment."


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        Thank you BC!


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          I never closed when my kids got pink eye but I did keep them away from the dc kids. I also called and warned the dc parents before they came to drop off, though, in case they didn't want their child to be exposed to it.


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            There are different reasons of pink eye. You should consult a doc first. If it's a bacterial pink eye, then you should treat it with antibiotics that are applied topically.


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              were a center. 1 year old came in with pink eye (diagonosed and on meds over 24 hrs). Hes ok to stay