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  • NC License Process

    What is the process like in NC? I read through the online site with regulations and all that. Coming from NY and buying a home. Is the process difficult? I am hoping for an easier time than NY, it was a nightmare.

    What are the Covid guidelines for home care?

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    Welcome to the forum!


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      If it's anything like Tennessee, they are understaffed and underfunded, which makes everything take forever. There are no COVID guidelines for Tennessee, either--my county health department officially has no guidelines for anyone anymore and they literally told me over the phone "it's whatever you feel like"--and licensing says if I want guidelines, look up what the CDC is currently saying. So I set my own guidelines and communicate it to the parents.

      The latest out of the CDC is that isolation/quarantine only need to last five days, *if* you are asymptomatic, and *if* you wear a well-fitting mask, with strict discipline about it, for another five days when you come out of isolation. So for the purposes of guidance for children young enough to be in daycare, I'm still requiring 10 days out. They aren't wearing masks and they have runny noses around the clock.


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        The process begins here:

        Good luck!! North Carolina is beautiful in spring.