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How Much is Too Much?

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  • Alwaysgreener
    Serving size for a one year old is 4 oz a meal. So between breakfast, lunch and dinner, that's 12 oz plus 2 snacks would be 20 oz. According to what you posted he gets 22 oz at dc plus what he gets at home. (Possible another 6-8 oz)

    Yes they can drink too much milk. They are use to getting their meals by drinking but milk alone is not a balance diet like breast milk or formula is. The milk fills them up and they don't learn to eat solid/get a balanced diet.

    Personally I would cut back to 4 oz at meals and water when the milk is gone. Then not give more than 12 oz during DC in cup only, no bottles. But that is what I do with all one year old no matter what.

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  • flying_babyb
    started a topic How Much is Too Much?

    How Much is Too Much?

    So we had a child move up to our classroom today: hes one and has issues with constipation and hard poop. Mom has told us she is aiming for 20 ounces a day between daycare and home but to let him drink as much as he wants. Hes on regular milk. He drinks great for us. Today he had 6 oz with breakfast, 6 with lunch, 6 with snack, and two 4 ounce bottles in between. We offer him a drink every meal and once in the morning between breakfast and lunch, and one between snack and pickup. These are also the times our other kids drink (but MUCH less). So the question is: can a 1 year old ever drink TOO much? He gets milk with meals, water the rest of the time.