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    So we had a child move up to our classroom today: hes one and has issues with constipation and hard poop. Mom has told us she is aiming for 20 ounces a day between daycare and home but to let him drink as much as he wants. Hes on regular milk. He drinks great for us. Today he had 6 oz with breakfast, 6 with lunch, 6 with snack, and two 4 ounce bottles in between. We offer him a drink every meal and once in the morning between breakfast and lunch, and one between snack and pickup. These are also the times our other kids drink (but MUCH less). So the question is: can a 1 year old ever drink TOO much? He gets milk with meals, water the rest of the time.

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    Serving size for a one year old is 4 oz a meal. So between breakfast, lunch and dinner, that's 12 oz plus 2 snacks would be 20 oz. According to what you posted he gets 22 oz at dc plus what he gets at home. (Possible another 6-8 oz)

    Yes they can drink too much milk. They are use to getting their meals by drinking but milk alone is not a balance diet like breast milk or formula is. The milk fills them up and they don't learn to eat solid/get a balanced diet.

    Personally I would cut back to 4 oz at meals and water when the milk is gone. Then not give more than 12 oz during DC in cup only, no bottles. But that is what I do with all one year old no matter what.


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      I thought milk causes constipation? I would cut down on milk and focus more on water. His poop is hard because there isn’t enough moisture in it- not drinking enough water. More fruit would probably help losen things up too. Bananas , apples,..


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        When my oldest DD9 turned one, I had no instruction on how much milk to give her. I thought the more calcium she had, the better. I was wrong and she had bowel issues.

        With my youngest DD2, our pediatrician told us to only give DD2 one cup (8 oz) per day. She’s never had any issues with her bowels. She gets her calcium through other dairy products like cottage cheese, cheese and yogurt.


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          How much cow's milk is he getting per day? I'm having trouble telling which of those amounts is water and which is milk. If that's all milk, not water or formula, that is way, way too much. His diet needs water and nice high-fiber vegetables. Is he getting whole grains with his meals?
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            We are on the food program at our center & they require that we give children 1-3 four ounces of milk or fruit juice for afternoon snack, breakfast and lunch
            Christy Sewell


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              Unless I'm reading the chart incorrectly, you have to provide milk at breakfast and at lunch, but it's optional at morning and afternoon snacks. Fruit juice is never required and may only be used as a substitute for whole fruit a maximum of once a day.


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                Juice is not even on my chart? I don't serve it at all. Milk with meals and iced water at snacks. QRIS
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                I just looked it up on the state site. Just like you said, we may serve juice up to once per day but it is "not recommended".

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                will share some of this with the mom. Mom says do half and half (juice and water), milk or water. this child WONT drink water. We have tried with a sippy cup but he will not drink out of them. Any suggestions for a cup he may like more?


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                  Try a regular open cup with no lid
                  Many kids like being “big” and having a regular cup
                  I use 5oz Dixie cups
                  Kids can easily hold them and love not having a lid

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                Originally posted by flying_babyb View Post
                will share some of this with the mom. Mom says do half and half (juice and water), milk or water. this child WONT drink water. We have tried with a sippy cup but he will not drink out of them. Any suggestions for a cup he may like more?
                Use the same cup you use for any other child. I just had a DCB that started at 15 months and he would not use my cup at first. Now he finishes his drink, milk or water.

                Keep giving the water daily, he will drink once he is thirsty enough. He will not dehydrated.


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                  Sippy cups are one of those things parents do for speed and convenience. Open cups, putting on your own coat, taking your shoes off yourself . . . those are the things we teach, because the parents are in too much of a rush to notice that their kids have passed the point of wanting to learn those skills.

                  Parents also cave quickly on sweets and short-order-cook meal choices. Thirsty kids drink water. I didn't drink water when I was a kid . . . because my mom bought the 3-liter sodas and kept the fridge stocked with them. My daycare kids drink water. Some more, and some less, but they drink what's available and so I make water available. They learn to adapt to that, even while still getting juice and milk at home.


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                    Lol that is funny, I never really thought about that. I always had soda available for me to drink as a kid but now it is only bought for special occasions. Like having root beer floats on new year's eve.

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                    You guys got sodas? Lucky!!!! We always had "sweet tea", with saccharine tablets and baking soda in it, yuck!!! I drank water and when I just had to have something I'd sneak a shasta, also yuck. Now I really only drink sodas occasionally with pizza or floats, like Always. lol!! I like to save my calories for the bakery. That is my weakness.

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                    It was only lucky until I had a mouth full of fillings
                    Coulda been worse. They were all baby teeth. Lots of the kids in my home town had mouths full of metal crowns due to dental neglect. Now I read about how common cavities are in toddlers because of all the juice and milk their parents give them.