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  • Tom Copeland Retiring

    As many of you know Tom Copeland has contributed to the forum for many years. There are hundreds of posts and answers to search from with his guidance.

    While we made the jump to our new mobile-ready forum, we did not include a channel for taxes as we only start a new section if we see posts that require one being created. Since tax season is ahead of us I am starting to see some tax related posts.

    I just received an email from Tom that he will be retiring in May!

    We appreciate all the expertise that Tom has shared with us over the many years and hope that Tom has a enjoyable and leisurely retirement ahead.

    Tom didn't say if he would be keeping his website operational into the future. You can find his blog here:

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    Aww bummer for providers but YAY for Tom!
    He has definitely been a vital source of information on many levels in the child care world!
    Hoping he has awesome plans for retirement and will enjoy every moment!
    MUCH appreciation and thanks to him!!


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      I hope you have an awesome retirement Tom!

      I hope you still check in and tell us all the exciting things you're doing.


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        Bad news for us but I wish him well in his retirement.


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          I attended his stabilization grant webinar and he shared the retiring news then. Family Child Care will miss him!!!


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            Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication Tom, you will be greatly missed. But congrats on retiring, enjoy your permanent weekend! 🙂


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              Thanks Tom! Congrats on retiring!