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  • Ear Infection

    DCD reached out because DCK went to the doctor today and DCK has an ear infection.

    I don’t exclude for ear infections but I do exclude for a fever, they can return after 24 hours without medication. I am curious to know why DCK went to the doctor in the first place, KWIM? I’m thinking DCK had a fever DCP couldn’t kick.

    How do I bring that up or should I just say DCK needs to stay home?
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    How old is DCG?
    My DD had enough ear infections that even without a fever or any symptoms of infection….I could just tell by her behaviors that she had an infection.
    She would tilt her head in a weird way and sound “off” when talking etc so I knew without a fever that she had an ear infection every time.


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      3YO - DCK hasn’t been here since Thursday but had a green runny nose, cough and fever.

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    I do not allow kids to attend if they have excessive and/or discolored drainage, or they are excessively coughing. Basically if it gets in the way of them doing normal daily activities they need to stay home. Too many times have I let someone come with a cough or runny nose and I felt like I didn't have enough to send them home. Then everyone in the daycare ended up being sick and it would make my kids sick. It even ruined our family vacation once. I refuse to let kids come if I feel like they are contagious.


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      I don’t allow green noses or coughs so I am assuming that’s why DCP originally kept the child home. This DCP isn’t the type (I realize now should’ve prefaced this) to take DCK to the doctor. I’m always forced to exclude the child until DCK can be seen by a doctor.

      Ultimately, I decided to have DCP keep DCK home today so the antibiotic for the ear infection would have a full day to work.