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  • Summer Routine

    What's your daily summer schedule look like?

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    Arrival/wash up/change up, free play, breakfast, free art, playground, am snack, water play, field sports, lunch, nap, pm snack, music/dance, free play, clean-up/change up, books/pick-up.

    I don't do pre-planned curriculum or structured art during the summer. I will do emerging curriculum as it presents itself, with what we have in front of us. Summer pays for all the planned seasonal crafts, parties, new toys and art supplies for the preschool year.


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      I've been in a summer routine since covid hit..... My goal is to begin the Fall 2021 anew...but????? I sure have used the 'embarrassed' emoji alot this week but I'm speaking from my heart with the realistic truth


      • Blackcat31
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        Me too! I often wonder if my parents have noticed their kids havent been bringing home art etc that matches the month or theme, why they haven't been getting their quarterly newsletters or why my website hasn't been updated with weekly photos of all the activities.... On top of all the COVID requirements, the over all mood of society and my resistance to wanting to please them I simply don't have time for ,anything but supervision, daily care, cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, handwashing and keeping my mental health in check. I am drained mentally and emotionally and am looking forward to doing NOTHING all summer other than supervised outdoor play.

      • Annalee
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        Right there with ya, BC!!!!!! And yes; I doubt anyone has noticed the difference from any other day!!!!!

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      Arrive/free play
      Free play/once a week some planned craft or fun activity
      Naptime for the younger set.
      Older kids listen to audiobook for 30 minutes, then have quite play/educational computer turn/play outside.
      Wake up/change into swim suits/sunscreen
      Walk to the neighborhood pool.
      Back to the house with just enough time to change clothes before parental pick up.


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        Arrive eat go outside come inside eat go outside come inside eat nap eat go outside go home.
        Plus the occasional washing of hands and diaper changes.


        • Rockgirl
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          Same! Except we eat outside, too.

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        our summer: Eat breakfast, Outside, a few in at a time for diapers, MORE outside, Walk in stroller, diapers, lunch, nap, diapers, Outside, snack (outside) and More outside till parents come.


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          Arrive at work 7:15 ish
          Kids arrive 7:30-8:30
          Try to keep the squabbles to a minimum
          Whisper "snack time/clean up" and watch in awe as every.single. kid listens regardless of how many times I've repeated myself earlier in regards to other instructions
          Breath deeply while putting on shoes that are too small, too big, missing laces, don't stay on or are just a PITA type of shoe
          Have at least one power struggle with a toddler who refuses to even try to put their own shoes/coat on
          Outside play
          Herd screaming kids back inside to eat lunch
          Hope hubby arrives quickly
          Survive lunch
          Get all the kiddos down for nap before the last one to settle down and lie still wakes the first one up that fell asleep a hour ago
          Deja vu with shoes again to go outside
          Afternoon snack (preferably outside) so it's easy to clean up/eliminates the need to drag screaming tiny humans back inside
          Sit down on my patio chair to supervise outside play
          Try not to laugh out loud when parents show up and their kid refuses to leave and they have to chase them around the yard
          Avoid eye contact when parent looks to me for assistance
          Wave! Smile... "Have a good night! See you tomorrow!"
          Put playground toys away, turn off lights in house and lock doors.
          Sit in car for atleast 10 minutes enjoying the sound of silence before heading home.

          Rinse and repeat until the week is over.


          • CactusWren
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            "Sit in car for atleast 10 minutes enjoying the sound of silence before heading home."
            Amen to this!

          • Jo123abc
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            Ahaha!! This is truth! The shoes and power struggles 🀦the parents chasing kids around the yard πŸ˜‚ also, I'm going to try the whisper thing. When I tell the kids stuff they just all say "Kay" in a monotone voice and do whatever anyway... Sigh...

          • Alwaysgreener
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            I put shoes on outside on my porch, then send the kids out to put on their own shoes, if they take forever then they get less play. Then when it is time to come in, they take them off and place them under the patio table until we go out again. Keeps them from emptying their shoes on my floor.

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          When I take the kids to the door for pickup outside for signout, the kids take off like bullets......such a funny sight!

          But I do like the sit in the car with silence for 10 minutes idea. I do that, noise is so blissful with the days I'm having right now....busy, busy, busy and full, full, full everyday which is nice but it also makes for some long days mentally!


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            All arrive in the morning by 8, breakfast is served.
            While I clean up, the kids free play and I play music for them.
            sunscreen is applied
            We then take a walk ( we do this every day if weather permits) the kids look forward to it
            We have our healthy snack, sometimes picnic style, outside
            We then try to do a water activity, play soccer, kickball, all kinds of games. The bubble machine is a hit.
            Back inside for lunch time.
            I read to them
            Not so healthy snack time.
            Back outside we go!
            Kids go home, if it's Friday, I am over the moon and excited to get a break the coming days.


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              I'm with BC on the conceding with the shoe fiasco.


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                I was just wondering about this too - this is my first year open πŸ€—

                I was thinking about only having science experiments/crafts when it rains. Otherwise, from June 1st until the start of school, we’re outside 😎


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                  Drop off, breakfast, potty/change, naps for the littles, outside, potty/Change, wash up, lunch, free play, toy clean up, potty/change, story time, nap/quiet time, potty/change, snack, outside, pick up.

                  My husband and I have pretty much made a park in our backyard so we spend as much time as possible out there in the summer. Sometimes we do arts and crafts out there. Sometimes we do mud kitchen cooking,"mowing"/house play, sports, dance party, bubble party, water table, gardening, butterfly, worm or bug hunts, Rock polishing, sand castle building, trucks, swinging, etc. Sometimes we do picnics for lunch or snack too! Oh! And I treat the kids to our local ice cream truck once a week usually... That hasn't started it's route in town yet... Probably will start when school is out for the summer.


                  • Jo123abc
                    Jo123abc commented
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                    ...I treat myself too πŸ˜‰ we have a mom and pop creamery in my town that has amazing treats that the ice cream truck stocks πŸ˜‹