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States Now Paying Parents to Spread Universal Childcare Agenda

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  • States Now Paying Parents to Spread Universal Childcare Agenda

    Already in my state.

    Coming soon to you:

    "Family Peer Ambassadors are fathers, mothers, custodial grandparents, foster parents, stepparents or guardians of young children in licensed child care or early intervention programs. They attend training about child development, quality early care and learning, and learn about statewide and community resources for families with young children. Then, they share this information with families at community events and through social media. Family Peer Ambassadors also provide input about >enter state oversite and subsidy name here< websites and tools designed for families. Family Peer Ambassadors receive stipends for their participation in the program.

    Please share the attached flyer with families in your program and encourage them to apply. Applications are due no later than >enter date<. Please note, directors and owners of child care programs are not eligible to apply."

    I guess they gave up trying to sell us the magic beans and are diverting that tax money elsewhere, now. You know, to take away our private businesses.

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    So they want you to provide info to your paying clients regarding how they [clients] can get 'free' thus leaving you without income?

    Yeah.... "It’s time for us to do what we have been doing and that time is every day"


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      Yep. That is what I got, too.

      Flip side: Who do they think will be willing to do this job when daycare is free for everyone and minimum wage is $15 for everything else? Most of us end up here because we want to take care of our own kids or because care is free for employees. The majority of the one's who "just love kids" last about two years before quitting or ending up in abuse cases for lack of feeling appreciated while being overtasked. We already know these things.

      Obviously, I did not waste my printer ink and paper on those fliers.
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        Well said!

      • Annalee
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        CH, that "just love kids" truly does dwindle down and become business oriented quickly or you QUIT..LOL. I saw a past client recently and she is working at a local daycare center. She told me 'even LOVE is NOT enough some days'....she said they had parents that would get there thirty minutes before closing time and would sit in their cars till a minute before closing and then come in to get their kids. Crazy!!!!

      • Cat Herder
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        I don't doubt it. Parents feed well off of "just love kids" providers. They smell like sweet green, compliant, servitude. Nothing sweeps like a new broom, you know. Until they say no more, then they rail threats and false charges against them and/or the boss has them blackballed locally.

        Or the "just love kids" provider internalizes all their frustration and actually takes it out on the kids because they are too "nice" to stand up to the parents or boss. We already learned and created policies for this, now we are choosing to ignore it so states can have more federal tax money.

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      Does anyone else have something similar starting in their state? I’ve read CatHerder’s posts over the years and it seems like her state is in the lead with so many of these things. I always think “oh Lord how long before it gets to us?!”


      • Cat Herder
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        It is because my state forces us to participate with this program (and several others). They don't tell us that we are research guinea pigs, but we are asked to report and submit to them constantly. That is part of how our oversight programs get their grants to pay for their created jobs. It isn't about families, it is about federal research money. Any other state that has a higher than average percentage of "disadvantaged" or "under-represented" groups go first. Atlanta does not represent the majority of the state, yet it drives all politics and takes most of the resources. I am all for sending the resources to those kids, I spent the first half of my career serving those groups exclusively, I am tired, now.

        I just wish they'd leave our rural/subdivision kids alone. We got this, we really do. Get rid of the meth, get rid of the human trafficking/sex offenders, those are our problems.
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