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    I have one spot open but I am not able to find someone in my “niche.” Everyone needs infant care, weird hours or they’re simply just not a good fit.

    I have a DCM on FMLA that can’t decide if she’s going to be a SAHM or go back to work in March. Today she mentioned going back to school full time so I gave her two weeks to give me a definite answer.

    A few moments ago, a former client reached out. They were the first family I had ever enrolled and they were incredible. I wish half of my clients were like them. They left about a year and a half ago after their second child was born and I’ve always kept in contact with DCM. DCM plans to go back to work in March and asked of I had two spots available for both kids. I am going to tell her I have one now and possibly one opening in March. She’s a SAHM now and chose to stay home after she had her second child. A lot has changed since I had her as a client, my hours, my rate, my program, etc. so I’m not sure if I should let her know up front or wait? Also, child care is in high demand here. While she is a great client, I am still thinking I should require a deposit to hold the spot, but not sure how she’d feel about it.
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    I took a family back once and regretted it.

    Dcm was pregnant while I was, she delivered 3 months before me. So once her leave ended, mine began. In total they were gone for six months. DCB was a totally different boy and did things for attention. He would climb on the toy shelves and jump off, he also had some language that was not appropriate for even an adult and was harmful to the baby. I ended up calling cps and terming when dcd got hurt.

    I didn't treat them like a new family, if I had brought them back for an interview, I might have seen the red flags.

    So in my opinion, send her an email with your new policies, let her know that you just updated them and your new rates and hours. Then tell her to contact you if she wants to move forward and pay a holding for the open spot and a nonrefundable deposit to reserve the other spot with a intent to sign contract.


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      That’s what I was thinking. What’s a reasonable holding fee/deposit? One week of tuition?


      • GirlMomma
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        I sent the paperwork, explained a few of my new policies/more about my new program and told them about the deposit. They said they would get back to me closer to the date to see if I still had the spot. 🙃 Oh, I forgot to add that I told them my new rates, too.

        I’m so thankful this forum has taught me to basically know my worth and stick to my policies.
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        I did an intent to sign for an infant once, it was going to be months before the spot opened, so I only charge 50%. Still months before the spot opened, they decided to stay at the center and canceled the contract. However for your situation, a least a full week or two.