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  • Weather Closing

    I swear we just talked about this but I can’t find it.

    My area is expected to get a very significant amount of snow/ice this week. While I don’t have this in my contract, I am considering closing all day/half day.

    Last year, the one parent that said they wouldn’t be coming ended up showing up while everyone else stayed home.

    How do I word it? In our area, there are travel advisory levels. Would you base the decision on that?

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    In our policy, we close when the schools close if they open late we open an hour early and if they close early we close an hour after the schools do
    Christy Sewell


    • GirlMomma
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      Editing a comment
      Doing this has been on my mind a lot lately!

      I just changed my contract to be paid when I am on vacation. I’m slowly going to a 52 week paid program.

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    I sent out a “probably closing early so get your plans in order” text earlier in the week. All but one family confirmed they’d be staying home the rest of the week. Except for one. The one family that is usually the first one in and mostly the last one out. LOL

    I will likely tell them this afternoon I am shutting down tomorrow, I’m not opening for one family just to turn around and close like I anticipate. They have a SA that will be home so it shouldn’t inconvenience them too much.


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