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How Long Do You Exclude After Vaccines?

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  • How Long Do You Exclude After Vaccines?

    What is your policy after babies/children get their vaccines? I had a DCM just drop off and asked me to watch DCG legs to make sure she doesn't have a reaction because she got 3 shots this morning. Ummm....not part of my job description! Too much liability!

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    I don't let them come to daycare after having vaccines that particular day....I do let them come back the next morning, though, if no temp or other symptoms happening!


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    I know many exclude the remainder of the day of shots, others 24-48 hours afterwards.

    I don't exclude for vaccines. IMPE, most "reactions" were on the legs from the bandage, not the shot. I remove latex bandages upon arrival, clean incision site with a little Boo-Boo wash and a diaper wipe, put a clear, waterproof, 3M dot bandage on and apply a little hydrocortisone cream to the area where the latex Band-Aid was applied. That has been all that was ever required of me. I do not understand why so many pediatricians still use latex bandages on young children.


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      I don’t exclude for vaccines unless they have a fever or other reaction.


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        I don't exclude for vaccines. If they spike a fever or are lethargic or screaming uncontrollably, those are things I always exclude for.


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          I exclude for 48 hours/two days afterwards.
          I have had a child have a reaction.
          Nothing serious in hindsight but nothing I ever want to experience again.

          I liken their experience to adults that had bad reactions to COVID vaccines
          They (child) don’t want to be here anymore than I want them here when they feel “off”.
          Parents are required to get immunizations on Fridays or before their child is scheduled to be out for two or more days.

          I also don’t allow a child to attend after a Dr visit.
          Even a well child check without vaccines.
          There isn’t a parent on this earth I trust to be 100% honest with me in regards to my liability/business.