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  • Should I Say Something?

    It’s been a looooonnnnggg week and there’s a chance I have a chip on my shoulder.

    Parents need to text when they arrive and we text back when it’s clear to come on back. It’s been the same rule since June 2020 due to covid and the fact that it’s impossible to social distance in our gangway.

    Today, I received one child and as I closed the door, I heard voices so I open it again thinking maybe dcm forgot to give me or tell me something… and what do I see? Another family in my backyard playing with dcb…. I was so shocked I didn’t even know what to say so I think I said ‘oh, I guess he can come in’. It wasn’t their turn.

    Im annoyed at myself for not saying more but I was truly shocked. I feel it’s so disrespectful to blatantly not follow the rules but my DH says I’m overreacting and shouldn’t say anything since the gates are open since we had a giant snow stir this week. But an open gate doesn’t mean rules don’t apply.

    (I’m about to post a huge vent in the venting section, so there’s a chance I am blowing it out of proportion and Curious what other providers think

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    My DH would say the same thing… but my business, my rules, my problems to deal with. LOL

    I would gently remind DCP about the rule.


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      I agree. I would remind parent of your policy and why you put it in place.