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    I did my afternoon temp check and one DCK temped 100.6 on his forehead so I called for pick up.

    DCP questioned me (insert eye roll) so I verified and checked the temples, middle of the forehead and between the eyes and I got 101.6, 100.3, then 99.9 and 101.5. I checked DCK tummy and the 100.6 came up. Even with the average, it’s 100.5, so I still had the parent pick up.

    Do you do an average or just what comes up first?

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    I only send home for 101 sustained 20 minutes or longer (if no other symptoms).

    Sporadic temp fluctuations are common in little ones whose immune systems are still learning to work. Typically, forehead readings are lower than belly, so I would not worry about averaging. Temp is just one symptom, I'd need two or more before I'd be concerned.


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      I consider over all behavior/mood etc so even if temp was questioned the child is usually a good candidate to send home.


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        We do under the arm temperature checks per minimum standards through alabama department of human resources and whatever comes up (99 or higher) we add a degree to it.
        Christy Sewell


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          I usually take two or three readings just to be sure the child does/doesn't have a fever. If there are symptoms in addition to the fever or the kid just seems "off", I'll call right away for pick up even if the temp is only 99. In my experience, the temp usually goes up from there and additional symptoms start to crop up as the day wears on. I'd rather just have them go home than worry about them getting sicker while they're in my care. If the temp is 99 and there are no other symptoms, I'll take the temp every half hour or so. If it remains at 99 and there are no symptoms, I'll let the parents know at pick up and tell them just to keep an eye on it.


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            Thanks all! I do alot of the same things, I just wasn’t sure why I’d get so many different temps. While she’s my youngest and newest DCK, the child didn’t have an appetite, slept later than normal (not typical behaviors) and had a glazed over look in her eyes.

            The parent questioned her fever before they even arrived to pick up. Upon arrival, they attempted to guilt trip me for excluding the child for a full 24 hours. The usual. LOL


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              You should consider the 24/48 rule.
              If you send them home it's 48 hours and if they keep them home it's 24 hours.
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