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    How long are you contagious after a stomach bug? My entire daycare got the stomach bug including myself, child who started vomiting last wednesday came to daycare today and had diarrhea. Is this still the bug? If we all had this bug, could he still pass it to me again and i get sick again?
    im not sure what to do, we never had a bug this bad before.
    also what about white loose stool? Is this still part of the virus? Does this mean they are still contagious?
    what about a day of hard stool and then diarrhea again ?

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    Most stomach bugs are 24-36 hours.

    White clay-like stool is caused by a lack of bile can mean problems with the gallbladder, pancreas, or liver (chronic, not just a one time thing).

    Giardiasis can cause all of that (with fever).
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      I exclude 24 hours for diarrhea.


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        Yes, stomach bugs go round and round, you can get it again sometimes. Diarrhea is all part of it. I exclude for 48 hours with stomach viruses and sometimes it's still not enough.


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          Im so confused how at home “the child is fine” but at daycare there is vomitting and diarrhea. I asked this childs mom how his BMs were all weekend, and she said she didnt remember if he had any. Yikes…why do parents think they can hide illness from us?


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            Do you suspect the parent is just saying he is fine at home but isn't? How old is the child?
            This would be a great time to use the 24/48 rule. If parents know their child is sick, they can keep them home for 24 hours after last sign of any symptoms but if they send them to care and you have to send them home, the child remains out for 48 hours after last sign of any symptoms. This is a great way to get parents to pay attention to their child and to stop them from trying to hide any illnesses.

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          Two instances of diarrhea or one of vomiting--I've sent three kids home over the last two days according to that policy. There's something circulating in my community right now. At least 24 hour out symptom-free without the use of symptom-suppressing meds.

          One kid has been having chalky-colored stools. We finally figured out that it's because they slather him in so much Butt Paste that the harder stools were picking it up on their way out.