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  • Norovirus

    My community has got it. It blew through the schools and through my daycare. I had a child returned today after six days out with uninterrupted diarrhea, and they said he was better but he just filled his diaper with what looks like a runny French vanilla milkshake.

    The day everybody develops symptoms, I had one kid with diarrhea that ran out the legs of their bodysuit, then another kid vomited, and while I was cleaning up the vomit, a third kid had diarrhea and reached into their pants and smeared it all over themselves.

    The pediatrician of one of the kids said that it's just going on and on. I talked to someone who said her school-age kid had diarrhea for five days straight and then her other school-age kid had it immediately afterward for another five days.

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    NOBODY (that isn't called mom/dad) should have to deal with that. Ugh!

    Hoping everyone recovers quickly!


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      Funny you should mention this I just had a toddler projectile vomit all over the place.

      I want to quit


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        I am pretty OK with other people's horrible body fluids. It's adults behaving like toddlers I don't ever want to have to deal with again. I will take the baby barf.

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      Ok, just put my own rough day into perspective for me! Suddenly it doesn't seem as bad as it did before I read your post. Thank you! lol

      In all seriousness, I hope everyone is feeling better soon and that you don't catch it yourself if you haven't already. We've had a 2-year break from the stomach bug here. Sounds like it may be coming back with a vengeance!


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        Hugs this hit our center too!! We had 6 out of 8 teachers get it. 3 kids and one kid and there parents ( mom got it so bad she's in the hospital)