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  • PB&J
    Did DCD ask how he ate? After infancy, I don’t volunteer that info. I served what was on our printed menu, the kids ate what they ate, and that was it. We served food four times a day; nobody was starving. And meals included several components, so if the kid couldn’t find even one thing to eat, then the kid wasn’t hungry and would get another chance within a couple/few hours. I didn’t discuss eating with parents unless asked, and when asked I would just tell them the above.

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  • GirlMomma
    started a topic Picky Eater

    Picky Eater

    The other day, I served a Chinese food dish with a side of fruit and steamed veggies. I have served this exact dish before and all of the kids loved it. DCK4 takes one look at his plate and says “I’m not eating this.” After encouraging him to try it, I said, “Okay, that’s all I’m fixing for lunch so you’ll be hungry until our afternoon snack.” He got up and scraped his plate.

    I told DCP at pick up that DCK refused to eat lunch. DCP seemed a bit frustrated with me for not giving him something else and said “Well, I can send him with extra snacks when you serve something he refuses.” I said, “Okay, I have 6 kids total so make sure there is enough.” He looked at me like I was crazy. The next day, DCP sends enough snack cakes for everyone to have two… remember this is the supposed to be in place of the meal the child is refusing to eat. I just thanked DCP and said I’d serve the snack cakes for afternoon snack/treat.

    This morning, I served cinnamon rolls with a side of mixed fruit. DCK gobbled it down asked for more. This is the first time the child has ever asked for seconds besides pizza. I didn’t have enough for him to have seconds so I told him no.

    I am positive this behavior is because of the junk he gets at home. I am not sure if I’m handling it right or not. The child will eventually go to school and the schools don’t offer any other choices.