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  • Baseline For Fever?

    What do you consider a fever? I have a child here with a crazy snotty nose and a temp of 99.5-99.6. DCM says child always runs warm but I also know this DCM gives Motrin for literally everything. Every time the child has a runny nose, congestion, cough, teething, everything. I even sent a message last week asking if DCK had been sleeping okay or been sick because her behavior was insane. DCM said she slept great but that her teeth seemed to bother her and that she felt warm that morning so she gave her Motrin. I told her it specifically states in my policy that she is not allowed to give DCG fever reducer in order to send her to my daycare. I asked what DCG temp was and she said “97”. I said “???” DCM said “what?”. I said “normal body temp is around 98.6”. This is the second time I have had to remind mom was normal temp is. Once she tried to tell me DCG had a fever with a temp of 95. 🥴 so yeah, would you send DCK home? What do you consider a fever? What if DCK is acting fine, no symptoms, but is just slightly warm (99.5)?

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    I use 100 and above COUPLED with behavior so even if no fever is present, other symptoms would be grounds for being sent home.
    Having been given any type of pain reliever (Motrin/Tylenol) would bar them from attending at all. If they need pain relief to make it through the day, they need to be at home and not here. I don't care the reason for the meds, just that they cannot have them prior to care. It is grounds for termination.


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      I like that policy a lot. I am getting ready to close for at least 6 months but when I reopen I think I am going to include that in my enrollment paperwork. Right now it just says you can’t give a fever reducer with the intent to lower a fever to send to daycare. I will include that no fever reducer allowed whatsoever even if it’s just for pain management. Thank you.
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    I would send her home and you definitely have enough grounds to term for the dope and drop.

    I have been checking temps 2x/day since I opened in the middle of the pandemic. I know what temperature my thermometer typically reads my kids at.

    Just yesterday, I had a DCK with a 99.9° temp with chills, wasn’t eating like normal and had become lethargic out of nowhere. Before it escalated, I sent DCK home. Guess what… DCK vomited no sooner than they left.


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      100.4° is a fever for me. But other symptoms, like being lethargic or having nasty-colored snot, will get a kid sent home even if the fever doesn't break the threshold.

      98.6° was calculated using data from previous centuries. It's speculated that the reason that is slightly higher than most people actually run is that, in the past, so many people had low-grade infections, like dental infections, that that raised the global average.